Tabletop Champions - Real Play D&D 5E (DND 5e)

Tabletop Champions - Real Play D&D 5E (DND 5e)

A real play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition podcast that doesn't take itself so seriously. Jump on to Season 4 with Episode 145

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    191 - Interlude - Family

    Apologies for the delay, and some minor technical challenges with Lauren's mic this week.

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    189 - Hold On!

    Can the party really hold its liquor?

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    183 - Until Dawn

    And the winner of most dysfunctional family goes too...!

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    180 - Perfect Bodyguard

    The march to the season finale seems to be accelerating...

    (Happy Birthday Griffin!)

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    Merry December 25th

    We won't have any more new TTC episodes until the New Year but this is a fun thing the crew (minus Sean who wasn't able to join us) recorded.

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    176 - Treasure Hunt

    It's definitely tinkle right, we've settled on Tinkle as the ship name?

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    172 - Napping on the Job

    Come for the laughs, stay for your friends rolling like complete and utter turds.

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    166 - 1-757-5CHAMPS

    I don't know why we did this, but the phone number does work.

    I promise.

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    164 - Luggage

    Well, I already had named an episode baggage.

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    162 - Go Directly to Jail

    Well....I accidentally released 163 briefly tonight, so just in case here is 162 so you don't have to listen out of order.

    Sean finally did it. Got us to surrender.

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    161 - Baggage

    We've all got baggage...some of us have more then others

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    160 - Bam or Boom?

    Bam or Boom? Sign off in the comments below

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    159 - Blue

    I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da be dea

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    158 - Did I Do That?

    Well...fair warning this episode will make you feel some things...primarily anxiety.

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    156 - SSSF

    This week the crew finally has a name.

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    154 - Good Javelin Toss2: Electric Boogaloo

    Trigger / Content Warning: This episode contains some scenes of interrogation and at least one scene of fairly graphic violence.

    Getting a little salty in this one...

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    152 - Zenith Ocho

    Sorry they've been so short lately! Longer episodes coming soon.

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    149 - Sand Pit

    A short one and we are all sick! Apologies for the coughs

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    148 - An Unlikely Grouping

    Every season starts with its inner turmoil but typically less dick punching.

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    146 - Math is Hard

    Did you expect us to be good at this by Season 4???

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    144 - Irulan Retrospective (fixed)

    It's all over, so lets spend a minute and reflect on the 3 years we've lived in Irulan.

    Check out the AMAZING dice bags from [Diomedes Industries][1]

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    139 - Shippin'

    Renos? Min? No really good ship names tbh

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    138 - Horse Joke

    Iā€™m so tired that this is the best horse joke I can make.

    This should be the last episode with audio weirdness in it. Apologies for all the typing sounds, before you blame Ben, well, actually its his fault.

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    136 - Yaass

    Finally! A light fun episode. Seriously, not lying this time.

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    133 - The Cost

    This week Colin teaches a lesson in economics.

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    127 - Camp Out

    Back in our time, in our bodies, finally we can have a nice relaxing episode right? Right???

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    124 - All the Way Back

    This week we hear from....well I guess lets just find out.

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    123 - Hot Potato

    Little known fact, the first version of the game Hot Potato was played with swords.

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    122 - A Fair Trade

    This week Colin does a little negotiation.

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    116 - Under The Sea

    A couple small audio snafus in this one. Sorry!

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    114 - How Do You Bing?

    A particularly trying episode for us...because it involves remember back to what happened previously

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    111 - A Fate Worse Than Death

    Some fates are worse than death, like thinking Chick-Fil-a makes the best fast food chicken sandwich #ItDoesnt

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    110 - Salty Seas

    Sorry for the delay all! Back on track!

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    106 - Winter

    Stay on past the dun dun for more!

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    105 - Wild Ride

    Because why not name this episode after a Disneyland ride that closed in 1998.

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    103 - Torture Intervention

    That escalated quickly.

    Apologies for Matt's audio, due to a technology mess-up his audio sounds like he was sitting in the bottom of a garbage can. Episode 104 will sound A+ (B+ really, but better than this!)

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    102 - Fiery Tethers

    In Irulan, Horse Rides You

    Apologies for Matt's audio, due to a technology mess-up his audio sounds like he was sitting in the bottom of a garbage can. Episode 103 will sound just as bad, but only because we were mad enough that we made him sit at the bottom of a garbage can as we recorded it.

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    101 - Part Of Your World

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

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    94 - The Feels

    This week is a blast from the past! In the worse possible way...

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    89 - Donk Onward

    Still shaken from last week's encounter the gang moves on and learns of even more trials ahead.

  105. Thumb 1488140921 artwork

    88 - Big Strong Boy Arm

    Eutax discovers what having free will feels like, and comes clean about a few things.

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    84 - Passed Out Dummy

    Just doubling down each time one of us makes a bad decision....

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    83 - Donk Off

    Well....lets find ourselves a Mask!

  111. Thumb 1484632152 artwork

    82 - Fugue State

    Ok, after a quick recap of last week's horrors its time to create some new ones.

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    79 - Unflyinged It

    The long awaited Holiday Spectacular! Also pirates?

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    76 - Reunion

    The gang heads out on their journey and run into a few old faces along the way

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    74 - You Go Girl

    Oh boy....the gang meets ANOTHER new friend in the woods....will they blindly trust this one too??? (of course)

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    72 - Daddy Issues

    The adventures continue onward but meet a new friend(?) along the way

  122. Thumb 1477976157 artwork

    71 - Making an Exit

    Whew....that was a rough one. The gang goes to make there way up and out of this mess unsure of what they even just were part of.

  123. Thumb 1477367835 artwork

    70 - Saint Swiggin's Day

    Wait, was is Thorin or Thoradin? We already named the episode Thoradin's day...its kind of hard to go back and fix that. So Thoradin.

  124. Thumb 1476763741 artwork

    69 - Thoradin's Day

    The journey to the deepest darkest corner of the underdark marches forward.

  125. Thumb 1476156873 artwork

    68 - And Your Little Dog Too!

    But it wasn't a dream. It was a place! And you, and you, and you, and you were there! But you couldn't have been, could you?

  126. Thumb 1475645356 artwork

    67 - A Real Boy

    This is easily the most Chaotic place our adventurers have been yet! What will happen next!

  127. Thumb 1475022834 artwork

    66 - A Frat Broventure

    This week we find out a little more about out adventurers. Namely that they're dicks.

  128. Thumb 1474345140 artwork

    65 - A Research Shove

    Deeper and deeper into the Underdark they go. Is this all a dream? Oh wait, no that's Inception.

  129. Thumb 1473789650 artwork

    64 - Dingle Dangle

    This Episode Summary Has Been Censored For Your Benefit.

  130. Thumb 1473217596 artwork

    63 - Skinny Dippin'

    Will the crew find their light in the dark? Adventure (and swimming) await!

  131. Thumb 1473217589 artwork
  132. Thumb 1473217584 artwork

    61 - The Dunkey Cart

    Margane has a vision. Aramel is dtf. S'aind is on the look-out for gnome friends. Eutax loves caves. Skrag is evaluating his life decisions.

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  134. Thumb 1473217575 artwork

    59 - You Promised!

    Ok so being a pirate didn't really work out. So, the gang decides to try and actually do what they were told (eventually) and head off to see Ralphie

  135. Thumb 1473217571 artwork

    58 - A Pirate's Life

    Trying to move on from the traumatic events of the beach the gang tries to settle into a simpler pirate lifestyle, it fails.

  136. Thumb 1473217568 artwork

    57 - Spoiler Alert

    I think this group is going to make a pretty sweet pirate crew. Eutax is already shopping for eyepatches, he doesn't know what they do but he likes them.

  137. Thumb 1473217564 artwork

    56 - Heh, Poop Deck

    The party continues to dig a deeper hole, running a foul of the Navy, perhaps the life of Piracy would better suit them.

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  139. Thumb 1473217555 artwork

    54 - A Simple Misunderstanding

    Well...that was bad. The gang a bit bewildered decides to do something good, you can guess how that goes.

  140. Thumb 1473217551 artwork

    53 - Tourney Trouble

    Whew! We did a good job, time to get back to the tourney grounds and get our pay day!

  141. Thumb 1473217548 artwork
  142. Thumb 1473217544 artwork

    51 - An Adventure!

    The gang find themselves short their promised prize but have been hired to help the townsfolk out. Seem like nice people, what could go wrong?

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  144. Thumb 1473217534 artwork

    49 - Intermission (Fixed)

    This week we take a step back and talk a bit about our season 2 characters, as well as answer some listener questions

  145. Thumb 1473217529 artwork

    48 - Into The Sunset

    As the gang emerges triumphant finally what will the future hold, or wait is the past, the fast?

  146. Thumb 1473217524 artwork

    47 - Operation Cannonball

    The time has come for the heroes to face their destiny. Will they emerge victorious, will Irulan be left in ruins?

  147. Thumb 1473217517 artwork

    46 - The Assault on Avisac

    Steebrook lays in shambles, will the be able to stand strong in this final fight?

  148. Thumb 1473217513 artwork

    45 - Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

    Things are dicey, and not going well. Will the crew make it to the end, and will they see an old friend along the way?

  149. Thumb 1473217509 artwork

    44 - The Crystal Spire

    Things....well things aren't going well. Will the gang make it to the end or will they be distracted by.....gazebos?

  150. Thumb 1473217505 artwork

    43 - Her Majesty

    Bruised and beaten the gang isn't sure they can carry on, but maybe...just maybe...with the help of some divine intervention the gang will push forward

  151. Thumb 1473217501 artwork

    42 - Into The Void

    Scraped and bruised can the 4 (5?) make it through the darkness?

  152. Thumb 1473217498 artwork

    41 - Hard Pass

    Well now that we got all that fuss out of the way its time to get back to the mission.

  153. Thumb 1473217495 artwork

    40 - I Done Goofed

    Torrin did a bad bad thing, and it's time for judgement

  154. Thumb 1473217491 artwork

    39 - Bad Javelin Toss

    The gang tries to figure out the best way into the tower, Nedelyne goes on a date, Torrin....oh Torrin...

  155. Thumb 1473217487 artwork

    38 - Good Javelin Toss

    After a brief stint on the forest moon of Endor the gang moves forward to Ryada in a desperate attempt to actually push the campaign forward.

  156. Thumb 1473217482 artwork
  157. Thumb 1473217477 artwork

    36 - Heavy Metal Murder

    Well...I guess Torrin lives in a tooth now and the party just needs a new tank right?

  158. Thumb 1473217472 artwork

    35 - We Must Do Research!

    With the gang in Llandy now they notice that folks are aren't quite as hospitable as they would expect. Something must be off...

  159. Thumb 1473217467 artwork

    34 - High Flying

    After last week's catastrophe they gang decides they need to pull up their bootstraps and needs a change of scenery. Does anyone know how to fly a magical island??? Also, it might finally be time to have an intervention for Nedelyne

  160. Thumb 1473217461 artwork

    33 - Do You Even Armor Bro?

    The gang tries their best to move on cautious that Irulan funeral's can be quite interesting.

  161. Thumb 1473217456 artwork
  162. Thumb 1473217451 artwork
  163. Thumb 1473217448 artwork
  164. Thumb 1473217444 artwork
  165. Thumb 1473217439 artwork

    28 - The Invention Of Cargo Shorts

    This week the gang receives a missive and gears up for what will likely be a treacherous journey...also we talk about Devin's fashion choices a whole lot

  166. Thumb 1473217436 artwork

    27 - Trippin' with Svirfneblin

    This week on a very special TableTop Champions. The gang is so excited...they are so excited....they are so scared. For more information about Svirfneblin please visit your local library.

  167. Thumb 1473217431 artwork

    26 - Biscuit or Muffin

    Will the gang finally find Elizabet?? And stay to the end to help ponder life's greatest question.

  168. Thumb 1473217729 artwork
  169. Thumb 1473217422 artwork
  170. Thumb 1473217418 artwork

    23 - An Olive Branch?

    The gang receives a message from an old friend and debate about what to do next.

  171. Thumb 1473217412 artwork

    22 - A Nice Leisurely Troll

    The gang has a new troll friend....who seemed to be a lot more pleasant previously?

  172. Thumb 1473217408 artwork

    21 - Taut or Naut

    The gang meets a new friend and actually tries to progress the story forward....for once.

  173. Thumb 1473217405 artwork

    20 - Into the Wormhole

    This one is for those folks who requested more combat and less talky talky.

  174. Thumb 1473217401 artwork
  175. Thumb 1473217398 artwork

    18 - Party of Five

    After the debacle that was the funeral the gang tries to get itself back together and focus on the threats...right?

  176. Thumb 1473217394 artwork

    17 - Goodnight Sweet Duke

    The gang makes its way back to Steebrook to finally set their friend to rest.

  177. Thumb 1473217390 artwork

    16 - Ammit My Man!

    The crew arrives in Yenpool only to find the journey is far from over.

  178. Thumb 1473217387 artwork

    15 - Gag Reflex

    Well the gang seems to be coping with loss a tad better than expected. They do still happen to be stuck inside of a fish, so there's that.

  179. Thumb 1473217382 artwork

    14 - Fish Guts and Glory

    After a tragic loss will the party be able to move on? How will they ever fill the void?

  180. Thumb 1473217370 artwork

    13 - Celestial Mic Drop

    The gang things they may have found a way back home...but at what cost?

  181. Thumb 1473217365 artwork

    12 - I Slick My Hair Back and Forth

    The gang finds themselves powerful and in an unfamiliar territory but face to face with someone they hoped to never see again.

  182. Thumb 1473217358 artwork
  183. Thumb 1473217353 artwork

    10 - Strategery

    So much planning....SOO much planning

  184. Thumb 1473217349 artwork

    09 - Living Like a King

    This week the gang tries to finally knock some items off the old quest log

  185. Thumb 1473217345 artwork

    08 - Spoils Of Battle

    The gang spends some time in New Weedale at the site of Torrin's new franchise location: Tchotchkes Too

  186. Thumb 1473217336 artwork

    07 - Paeris' nightmare

    The gang continues the journey to new Weedale, what horrors will they find when they arrive?

  187. Thumb 1473217327 artwork

    06 - T-Drag: Breaker of Chains

    With no other option, the gang rushes head long into an escape from the clutches of the order of the raven. How low will they sink to ensure their freedom? Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes and to tell a friend! You can send us feedback through our website or via email at You can contact us via Twitter at: @TabletopChamps Sean - @SeanTheDM Kyle - @Fung Scott - @ElenondRPG Thanks for listening and happy adventures!

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